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Person Centered Success with CDCS

Person in center of supports and services


Persons with disabilities and chronic illness who need certain levels of care may qualify for home and community Human Services waiver programs, such as CDCS.


Deb Newman is the parent of a young woman with disabilities who has reached several dreams and goals - with supports. This inspired Deb to become a Certified Support Planner and now she helps others with disabilities to write successful, person-centered plans.

All CDCS participants received a 1% raise in April
Contact your case manager for more information

Deb’s Consumer Directed Community Support (CDCS) areas include:

  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)
  • Community Alternative Care for People with Chronic Illness (CAC)
  • Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI)
  • Elderly (EW)
  • Brain Injury (BI) waivers

Steps to make Accessibility Answers and CDCS Work for You

* Contact your county or tribal human services department and request a case manager.

* Receive a free assessment from them to see if you or your family member is eligible to enroll in a waiver program like CDCS.

* To discover which option may be best for you, request a brochure from your assigned case manager or visit Minnesota Department of Human Services and type “Consumer directed community supports service” in the search box.

* Do you believe the CDCS option is right for you? CDCS gives you more choices and more responsibilities than other programs that help you live in the community instead of a group home or nursing home. Request CDCS from your case manager.

* Ask the case manager for your CDCS budget and Individual Service Plan (ISP).

* Use your CDCS funds to hire Accessibility Answers (or another certified support planner) to help you and your family write your Health and Safety and Community Support Plan (CSP).
CSPs need to be completed annually. Please call 651-491-2121.

When your plan is approved, we can help you work with a Fiscal Support Entity throughout the year. You submit bills and timecards to them. The FSE submits your bills to the county and sends checks to you and your vendors. Finally, Accessibility Answers can help you hire staff and complete forms called addendums, if something comes up, and you need to change your plan before the end of the year.
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Contact or 651-491-2121

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